How We Got Here

House of Building originates from a small jobbing and painting & decorating company called J.Mizon & Sons which was started in 1961 by the current owner’s Grandfather.


For 44 years the company specialised in painting and decorating and small building works. As time moved on, so did the abilities of its staff which for the most part was family.


The current owner took charge of that company in 2005 and a new era was born.


After becoming incorporated to a Limited Company in 2005, the company expanded not only its staff but also into larger scale projects to include building extensions, refurbishments and landscaping.


Within 3 years, much had changed and the company was becoming a building firm to be respected. With the client base growing bigger by the week, so did the needs and demands, so once again it was time to take this ever expanding company to the next level.


After listening to clients views and wishes as to what was required and needed in the residential building industry, we set out to achieve THE ONE STOP BUILDING SHOP.


The owner knew that opening a shop in the high street would be too expensive to set up and the monthly costs to run a shop in a location like Reigate would be too difficult to manage on its own. So help was needed and after several years of dealing with the same suppliers and building trust and strong bonds with so many Suppliers a local business NETWORK was created.


Many of local Suppliers pay a monthly subscription fee to support House of Building’s rents and rates which in turn has seen their investment come back from increased purchasing.


The growth that we have seen from opening a shop has doubled the turnover of many of these companies, making their investment a healthy one.


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